Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's Eating John Seddon? Who Knows.

Here is a good post and analysis by author and consultant Michel Baudin:

"What's eating John Seddon?"

As often happens, Baudin is gracious and points out that he likes some of Seddon's work (although he calls him out for not attributing people like Deming and Ohno in that early work).

He criticizes Seddon's "personal attack" behavior, including his disgraceful insults of Bob Emiliani, another author (and a real professor, by the way).

He adds:
There is a good reason while the etiquette of on-line discussion groups forbids personal attacks: they cause discussions to degenerate into trash talk and name calling. It may be briefly entertaining, but quickly turns off readers who don't have a dog in these fights and just want to information. Besides insulting Bob Emiliani, Seddon has steamed up patriot Bill Waddell with derogatory comments about America. You reap what you sow.
Criticizing behavior is different than personal attacks or ad hominem attacks.

In the comments, there's the predictable defense of Seddon.... "he's rude, but he means well."
Seddon needs to be let go. We need his anger and we need to listen to his counterintuitive views and understand the essence of what he has to say as Bob seems to suggest. We can all learn. Ironically, Seddon is deeply respectful of people but he is rude...I can live with that. We all should.

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