Friday, December 6, 2013

Even Tripp Babbitt has Tired of John Seddon's Tactics

Bill Waddell's blog post recently took John Seddon to task for his attacks on Bob Emiliani and for being, well, ignorant.

A comment that was posted by Seddon's American attack dog, Tripp Babbitt (we assume it was him) on this post... in part:
Unfortunately, John continues down this path of calling out UK public figures and people that are associated with Lean. This strategy worked for awhile as people love a good, hotly contested debate and this gets attention. The problem is that there has been no advancement from this point. Good debate is one thing, learning is quite another. The name calling gets old after awhile if it doesn’t lead anywhere . . . new knowledge. The tactic rings hollow.
Tripp recently redid his website and no longer refers to Vanguard or John Seddon.

Maybe we should say "former attack dog." Good luck to Tripp in what appears to be new, positive efforts to spread the teachings of W. Edwards Deming -- somebody we can all agree was a good man with a great message.