Friday, November 29, 2013

Bob Emiliani Strikes Back at John Seddon's Attack

Bob Emiliani has, perhaps unwisely, struck back at John Seddon after Seddon attacked him in his latest email missive.

See Emiliani's thoughtful takedown here:

Kudos to John Seddon

Bob writes, in part:
John sees “Respect for People” as not relevant because “culture is a consequence of the system.” My research shows the reverse to be true, but no matter.

Nobody can rightly say that the “Respect for People” principle is not a point of intervention – either before my work or after. The future of Lean is bright as people begin to expand their comprehension of the ”Respect for People” principle and focus on both the system and the people. It looks like it is time for John to update his Vanguard Method, once he absorbs these six new seminal moments:
  • It’s the system and the people.
  • The “Respect for People” principle is not a “conventional Western management interpretation.”
  • The “Respect for People” principle was not manufactured recently by Americans to save Lean.
  • The “Respect for People” principle is not a ploy to make money.
  • The “Respect for People” principle is a point of intervention.

Monday, November 11, 2013

John Seddon Attacks and Insults Bob Emiliani

From Seddon's November 2013 newsletter, he attacks Bob Emiliani (without calling him out by name, but "Fake Lean" is a phrase Emiliani has used and spread).

More dumb lean

I’m going to Sweden this month to speak at their annual public-sector jamboree. It will be my third time. I’m speaking alongside a public-sector client that has made profound improvements in adult social care.

Every time I have been to the jamboree they have had an American lean guru spouting nonsense and this is no exception. This time it’s the guru who claims lean fails because it is what he calls ‘fake lean’ and his lean is the way to go! His ‘real lean’ starts with ‘respect for people’. I can imagine ‘respect for people’ events and tee-shirts (he sells tee shirts) while there is no change to the system conditions that drive misery and other forms of sub-optimisation. Only in America; the home of the terrible diseases.

What would you call a profound idea in this guru’s head?
A tourist!

This tourist will be going on from Sweden to Norway, for their big annual lean event. They know lean isn’t working and they know I know why ;-)


It's very ironic since Seddon's game plan, for years, has been to:

1) Attack the rest of the Lean world for doing things wrong
2) Saying his (Seddon's) approach is the only true Lean way

Remember, Seddon used to embrace the "Lean Services" label.

What do you call a moment of self awareness in Seddon's head? A tourist.