Saturday, January 21, 2012

From Lean Service to Systems Thinking to Vanguard Method

Ah, it's the monthly arrival of Tripp Babbitt's email newsletter. His "December," er January, newsletter arrived today.

Just as John Seddon and company bailed out on the term "Lean Service," they have now walked away from the term "Systems Thinking." They used to embrace the term Lean, before they decided that they had to smear the rest of the Lean community to differentiate their dear leader and "his" method (a warmed over version of Lean, as it is).

He writes:
"Systems thinking" has now become a phrase associated with copying and those that believe they too can be just like Vanguard.  So, we abandon "systems thinking" in favor of the Vanguard Method (tVM).   
Why the change?  Recently, I ran into some folks claiming systems thinking.  When I looked at what they had done, it was process improvement.  
Ironically, there are many in the real "Systems Thinking" academic field and professional community who blast Seddon and company as being pretenders, that it wasn't real Systems Thinking and that, as Seddon admitted, it was just Lean that they were doing anyway.

Everyone will be better off with them calling it "Vanguard Method," but it's comical that Tripp says they are bailing on Systems Thinking, when the Systems Thinking community bailed on them a long time ago (and never welcomed them, frankly).