Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putting This Issue to Bed - It was Imai Who Said This...

I've been part of the discussion on Mark Graban's seminal post:

where he criticized John Seddon for saying that Womack and Jones made up the "without standards there can be no improvement" quote - Seddon said "Ohno never said that."

Turns out, it was Masaaki Imai, thanks to an email notification I received about the post. Womack and Jones never made that up at all.

In a new comment, Graban cited Masaaki Imai's "Gemba Kaizen" book:
Imai wrote: 
Where there is no standard, there can be no improvement. For these reasons, standards are the basis for both maintenance and improvement”
Thanks to him for his research. I hope Seddon will quit popping off about Womack and Jones and just focus on his own work. Seddon loves to imply that he learned directly from Ohno, but it was really Masaaki Imai who did so.


  1. Agreed but what about shingo. Do vanguard know anything about his work and the origin of the 7 mudas. I suspect not as they are peddling their restricted view of lean under the banner of what they think is systems thinking. As for systems thinking none of the vanguard consultants have any knowledge or experties

  2. They never talk about Shingo, do they? It's just all Ohno, Ohno, Ohno.

  3. Surely you mean Oh No they are converting to my religeon

  4. surely you mean oh no they NOT converting to my religious movement