Sunday, March 27, 2011

John Seddon Has Nobody to Blame but Himself

John Seddon has announced he is no longer appearing at a Lean Government event in Scotland:

He complains that it is because of Zoe Radnor refusing to share the platform. But can you blame her?

John seddon was due to speak at this event but Professor Zoe Radnor refused to share a platform with him. 
John Seddon has criticized Radnor's reports on Lean for HMRC as likely to drive failure into the system.

Seddon basically promised in his newsletter to come and behave badly, as he has done before. He wrote:
Well I couldn’t resist the invitation. Scotland has been doing a lot of lean as it has been promulgated as worthy by their ‘improvement’ service. I speak as the final key-note. I intend to listen all day, in particular to spot the things the audience finds plausible and then to... well, you know..
When the sort-of Professor can't play well with real Professors, this sort of thing is bound to happen.

Maybe Seddon shouldn't have so blatantly telegraphed his move?


  1. Just saw Seddon make a martyr of himself in his Vanguard Seddon Drama Newsletter.

    1) Act like an arse
    2) Get shunned for being an arse
    3) Bitch and moan for being shunned
    4) Repeat

    That's quite a recipe for success! ROTFL

  2. Seddon is still crying about this in his latest June newsletter. I don't think he realizes this is about his boorish behavior.