Monday, August 1, 2011

John Seddon Creates Fake Monopoly to Circumvent Fair Bidding

Thanks to an anonymous reader who sent this tip along.

Somebody has gotten Vanguard documents (including a full contract) out into the public through a FOIA request.


You can read the full back and forth with the government and a Vanguard rep, but it appears that Vanguard got a no-bid contract with a government body, a contract worth quite a lot of money:
- The anticipated spend under the contract with Vanguard for training,scoping and Phase 1 is £139,834. Cabinet approval has been granted inrespect of further funding up to £280,000. The City Council has securedfunding from the West Midlands Regional Improvement and EfficiencyPartnership of over £500,000 to support both the Vanguard work and othertransformational change programmes.
How does Vanguard justify a no-bid contract?

They claim, in a response:
Vanguard is the only provider who can provide the Vanguard Method."
Vanguard has fooled (?) the government into thinking there aren't other providers of Lean methods and other providers of "systems thinking."

Monday, April 11, 2011

John Seddon Related Search Terms that Bring Readers Here

It's fun to look into the server logs and see that google search terms bring people to this site.

They include (all real searches):

  • john seddon vanguard claims
  • hate john seddon
  • john seddon talks bollocks
  • seddon doesn't understand systems thinking
  • who is john sneddon uk anti vanguard

Who "hates" Seddon? He's more somebody to be pitied than hated.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

John Seddon Has Nobody to Blame but Himself

John Seddon has announced he is no longer appearing at a Lean Government event in Scotland:

He complains that it is because of Zoe Radnor refusing to share the platform. But can you blame her?

John seddon was due to speak at this event but Professor Zoe Radnor refused to share a platform with him. 
John Seddon has criticized Radnor's reports on Lean for HMRC as likely to drive failure into the system.

Seddon basically promised in his newsletter to come and behave badly, as he has done before. He wrote:
Well I couldn’t resist the invitation. Scotland has been doing a lot of lean as it has been promulgated as worthy by their ‘improvement’ service. I speak as the final key-note. I intend to listen all day, in particular to spot the things the audience finds plausible and then to... well, you know..
When the sort-of Professor can't play well with real Professors, this sort of thing is bound to happen.

Maybe Seddon shouldn't have so blatantly telegraphed his move?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putting This Issue to Bed - It was Imai Who Said This...

I've been part of the discussion on Mark Graban's seminal post:

where he criticized John Seddon for saying that Womack and Jones made up the "without standards there can be no improvement" quote - Seddon said "Ohno never said that."

Turns out, it was Masaaki Imai, thanks to an email notification I received about the post. Womack and Jones never made that up at all.

In a new comment, Graban cited Masaaki Imai's "Gemba Kaizen" book:
Imai wrote: 
Where there is no standard, there can be no improvement. For these reasons, standards are the basis for both maintenance and improvement”
Thanks to him for his research. I hope Seddon will quit popping off about Womack and Jones and just focus on his own work. Seddon loves to imply that he learned directly from Ohno, but it was really Masaaki Imai who did so.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Brian Joiner's Book on John Seddon's Bookshelf - Time to Start Giving Credit to Him

As I've said before, John Seddon "nicked" the work of Brian Joiner, as it was Joiner and his "Fourth Generation Management" book that pioneered the idea that you first do "Check" as part of the PDCA cycle.

But Seddon claims HE invented the idea. He NEVER cites Joiner in his work.

The most recent video on their Systems Thinking Review site clearly shows Joiner's book the shelf above Seddon's right shoulder.

Time to start giving Joiner due credit, "Professor" Seddon.

John Seddon owns Brian Joiner's book

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Answering @TriBabbitt on #Lean People and #Deming

The primo American Sedonista Tripp Babbit ("a talented management speaker" as he calls himself) has been complaining in his Twitter feed and latest newsletter:
I have challenged the lean folks to attend as they are constantly quoting Deming on twitter for convenience, but when it comes to supporting the Deming community they are strangely absent.  Dr. Deming warned us about copying which is exactly what the lean tools approach does in service.  Worse, they are copying manufacturing, an industry with different problems.  This may be one reason they shy away from the Deming community.

Tripp, I've attending Deming Society events and, sadly, the group is a dying breed. The events have gone downhill and that is one reason this blogger won't be attending. I have talked to others who agree that, unfortunately, the ongoing events aren't doing Dr. Deming's legacy the best service.

So I say bullocks to your "challenge" - especially if going to the event means hanging out with the likes of yourself. Sorry. My loss, I suppose.

Tripp, you have copied John Seddon, his method and his manner - didn't you heed Deming's warning?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seddon Again Just Insults People, Claims to the Sole "Systems Thinker"

Welcome back, Seddonistas. I know this blog only has about four readers who habitually come to this page.

John Seddon thinks he's so clever in his childish attacks on Jim Womack and others.

From the most recent Vanguard newsletter:
"But hold on, the chief tool-head in the US now claims that ‘lean is systems thinking’. Oh, that’s all right then!"
He's clearly referring to Jim Womack, of the LEI, but he doesn't have the courage to call him out by name.

Seddon has tried to misappropriate the term "systems thinking" for his own narrow purposes. Remember when Seddon said systems thinking is just another word for lean? We do.

There are tons of references online to many who refer to Lean as "systems thinking," including:
Anyway, go do a google search and you'll see only John Seddon claims that John Seddon is the only "systems thinker" in the Lean world.

John Seddon latched onto the term "systems thinking" just a few years ago. He's cheesed off a number of real systems thinking academics and practitioners, many of whom have emailed this blogger.
Anyway, this would all be more interesting if Seddon would try to engage in a dialogue instead of just shouting at the world.

My advice - go do good work. Fix the HMRC if you can. Fix hospitals. Why not focus on that instead of bitching incessantly about other people and trying to draw attention to yourself?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Inane Rhetoric Has Been Dialed Back

I know the Seddonistas are still obsessively reading this blog even though there hasn't been new content in a while.

I want to thank them, actually, for dialing back their anti-lean hate mongering.

Seddon, Howard, Tripp, and company are writing about their methodology instead of constantly bashing lean. Good for them. This blogger appreciates it.