Sunday, December 5, 2010

John Seddon is All About Marketing and the Brand

John Seddon gladly took the lean brand name to describe his work, when he thought it benefitted him.

Once the brand got "damaged" he ran with his tail between his legs. From this newsletter:
These days 'lean' is becoming such a bad brand that I am going to drop 'lean-service'
and return to systems thinking. That, after all, is what Ohno's innovation was
all about.
At least he is transparent about that game. The name "lean" didn't suit him anymore. If lean is such a bad brand, why does he continue to devote so much energy to rubbishing the name of lean and those who participate in it? 

And once again, he's claiming himself to be the sole and best heir to Ohno. Ohno would be spinning in his grave. You can't make this stuff up!


  1. uummm The vanguard approach method has absolutely nothing to do with systems thinking. It is just a variation of lean / industrial engineering

  2. Seddon should have worked harder to help "the brand" rather than running from the term "lean" like a coward.