Sunday, December 5, 2010

SHOCKING: John Seddon Changes His Story on What Ohno Said

On the Lean Blog, this is the post that inspired me to speak out:

Mark Graban took Seddon to task for claiming that "Ohno never that" about standardization being the first step of improvement. Graban implied that Seddon was lying and he was torn a new one by the Vanguard crowd.

Turns out that Graban is correct - Seddon either lied or conveniently changed his story. I just posted a comment there. I hope the Vanguard crowd reacts to it. Actually, I hope they'll stop their petty fight with the lean world.

From July 2004:

Seddon wrote:
Ohno said you cannot improve without first standardising work. That is undoubtedly true in manufacturing; but is not true in service.
So which is it, John -- Ohno DID say that or Ohno NEVER said that?

Exclusive story. Do not nick my work. Must credit this blog.

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