Monday, December 6, 2010

Dan Jones is Naughty, but John Seddon is an Arse?

Is John Seddon's grudge against the lean world just a personal issue run amok?

He says "Dan Jones is a Naughty Boy" (how demeaning and arrogant is that?). He writes:
Many readers have written to me to tell me Dan Jones is ‘nicking’ my stuff.
Ah, just as Seddon has "nicked" Brian Joiner without giving credit (that means "ripped off" to you Americans). Joiner's book "Fourth Generation Management" is the origin of "start with check," an idea Seddon claims as his own.

What goes around comes around? Jones claims he didn't rip off Seddon. Seddon claims he did.

So John Seddon is pissed at Dan Jones. So he posts portions of an email exchange with Jones that I'm sure weren't intended to be public.

Again, another example of bad behavior from John Seddon. He doth protest too much. People tend to protest most loudly about the things they do themselves. If you rip off the work of others, you're going to be aware that people do that, hence you complain about it when you think it's happening to you.

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