Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John Seddon's Ugly Jealousy on Display

In this newsletter from November 2003:

Seddon writes about a former client, Stephen Parry, who had "transformed" Fujitsu using Vanguard methods. Seddon shares a quote from something Parry wrote about not relying on lean tools.

Seddon ends his newsletter with:
"Here here. But it gets them in the Harvard Business Review."
Jealous much? Someone has his feelings hurt that HE wasn't in HBR (since he thinks he invented everything related to lean, or was taught it directly by Ohno). John Seddon is a naughty boy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dan Jones is Naughty, but John Seddon is an Arse?

Is John Seddon's grudge against the lean world just a personal issue run amok?


He says "Dan Jones is a Naughty Boy" (how demeaning and arrogant is that?). He writes:
Many readers have written to me to tell me Dan Jones is ‘nicking’ my stuff.
Ah, just as Seddon has "nicked" Brian Joiner without giving credit (that means "ripped off" to you Americans). Joiner's book "Fourth Generation Management" is the origin of "start with check," an idea Seddon claims as his own.

What goes around comes around? Jones claims he didn't rip off Seddon. Seddon claims he did.

So John Seddon is pissed at Dan Jones. So he posts portions of an email exchange with Jones that I'm sure weren't intended to be public.

Again, another example of bad behavior from John Seddon. He doth protest too much. People tend to protest most loudly about the things they do themselves. If you rip off the work of others, you're going to be aware that people do that, hence you complain about it when you think it's happening to you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SHOCKING: John Seddon Changes His Story on What Ohno Said

On the Lean Blog, this is the post that inspired me to speak out:


Mark Graban took Seddon to task for claiming that "Ohno never that" about standardization being the first step of improvement. Graban implied that Seddon was lying and he was torn a new one by the Vanguard crowd.

Turns out that Graban is correct - Seddon either lied or conveniently changed his story. I just posted a comment there. I hope the Vanguard crowd reacts to it. Actually, I hope they'll stop their petty fight with the lean world.

From July 2004:


Seddon wrote:
Ohno said you cannot improve without first standardising work. That is undoubtedly true in manufacturing; but is not true in service.
So which is it, John -- Ohno DID say that or Ohno NEVER said that?

Exclusive story. Do not nick my work. Must credit this blog.

John Seddon is All About Marketing and the Brand

John Seddon gladly took the lean brand name to describe his work, when he thought it benefitted him.

Once the brand got "damaged" he ran with his tail between his legs. From this newsletter:

These days 'lean' is becoming such a bad brand that I am going to drop 'lean-service'
and return to systems thinking. That, after all, is what Ohno's innovation was
all about.
At least he is transparent about that game. The name "lean" didn't suit him anymore. If lean is such a bad brand, why does he continue to devote so much energy to rubbishing the name of lean and those who participate in it? 

And once again, he's claiming himself to be the sole and best heir to Ohno. Ohno would be spinning in his grave. You can't make this stuff up!