Friday, November 19, 2010

Imitation = Flattery

Ah, the creative Seddonistas have a new Twitter account: @LeanWatch. It's clearly the new account for @Systhinkreview, since he's channeled his anti-lean blather into this new account, posting the same links over and over. John Seddon pays a man to do this full time?

Welcome to crazy town. They've gone from annoying and rude to unhinged.

Love the "fires of hell" graphic they are using. Nice touch. (update: they've changed this. instead of looking crazy, it shows pictures of the guy they obsessively link is behind this site).

They call this website a "hate campaign." Far from it. This website presents their own material and their own words. We're not trying to shut them up. Just highlighting what they're saying. There's no attacking of the Systems Thinking or Vanguard approaches. The bloggers here, we just they are rude and intolerable (and their blanket attacks against lean are self serving and childish).

It grows sadder, or more entertaining, each day (depending on your view).

Howard, I'm not @LeanBlog. Keep guessing, chap. You have an older, more clever adversary here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

John Seddon's Site Has Picture That Mocks Eating Disorders

I don't know where John Seddon's team comes up with this stuff. A reader emails to tell me that his "lean toolheads" article page has an illustration that mocks women with eating disorders.

I wouldn't say it "mocks" them, but the picture is in poor taste, to say the least. They are implying that somebody can be "too lean" with THAT picture? I wouldn't say it's offensive, but it's rude and just sort of stupid.

The picture (in case they take it down, which they should) and a screenshot of their site

Thursday, November 11, 2010

John Seddon Site Admits "Systems Thinking" Is Just Another Term for Lean

The Seddonistas LOVE to yell about how lean and their brand of "systems thinking" are fundamentally different.

That's not what Seddon's own website says:
"Lean or systems thinking as Seddon prefers to call it..."
The piece then continues with more distortions of Lean, but that's another story:

The full quote:
Lean or systems thinking as Seddon prefers to call it (lean leads managers to think primarily of cuts and not improvements in service capability) is a way of thinking about and seeing work.
Lean leads people to think cost-cutting? What? That's what traditional management does.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

John Seddon Admits He Has No Healthcare Experience

John Seddon likes to talk about how lean healthcare is a bad idea. How would he know?

He says the following in a Quality Digest comment:
I have no experience in health-care organisations...