Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tripp Babbitt's (@tribabbitt) webpage is labeled "Lean Six Sigma"

Tripp Babbitt is John Seddon's American lackey, a foaming-at-the-mouth sort of chap who makes Seddon look calm and reasonable.

Tripp loves identifying himself as a "reformed lean six sigma black belt," as if that puts him above everyone else who is not reformed.

He mindlessly rips lean at every chance (never making a very compelling case), but yet his website is labeled "lean six sigma" in the browser header, as you'll see below. Click for a larger view (look in the upper left corner) and proof in case he decides to change his web page (if he knows how). If you're going to rip lean, at least don't have that be the label for your site.


  1. Mile wide, inch deep.

  2. He's changed the header... it now says "systems thinking." But I thought John Seddon had denounced that codifying label, as well?

  3. It's interesting to note that Tripp Babbitt has now completely scrubbed his website of the terms John Seddon and Vanguard.

  4. And Tripp is now calling out Seddon for his bad behavior:

    Good for him.