Tuesday, October 12, 2010

John Seddon is So Arrogant That...

John Seddon is so arrogant that he expects the government ministers to call him begging for help:

From a 2001 newsletter:

Will the minister call?  

Last month I joined a radio programme ('You and Yours' - BBC Radio 4) discussing the value of targets in improving public sector performance.
During the programme I described how targets had, in practical and detailed terms, worsened performance in the Police and Fire services. The government representative - pro targets of course - is the man responsible for scrutiny of the public purse.
So I got to thinking. I just told the man how we currently waste millions and I indicated - again with examples - how there was a better way. Yes, we could reduce the costs of public services and at the same time improve them. 
Do you think the minister called?

I'd assume the answer is not, because the minister had either never heard of John Seddon or wrote him off as a prat.

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