Tuesday, October 12, 2010

John Seddon Claims He Developed "Check First," Not Brian Joiner

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The video in question can be found here.

The comment:
I was watching the video you linked to and I was aghast at what Seddon was taking credit for.
At about 19:15 he says:
"I developed the model of Check Do Act."
Actually, Brian Joiner published that Check Do Act model in his 1994 book "Fourth Generation Management."
Joiner shares this Check-Act-Plan-Do model on page 49 of his book, talking about why it's more appropriate to start the cycle with "Check."
At best, Seddon is derivative of Joiner (I saw that Joiner's book is curiously missing from his of recommended books, this can't be an accident) or Seddon is ripping him off and not giving credit where it's due.

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  1. If John Seddon were such the Deming-phile that he claims to be, it would be "start with Study" instead of "start with Check."

    Dr. Deming was pretty clear at the end of his career (and life) that he preferred the PDSA term over PDCA.

    John Seddon shows himself to be a pretender by referring to PDCA instead of PDSA.

    From an ASQ article:

    Over the years, Deming had strong beliefs about the PDCA cycle and clearly wanted to distinguish it from the PDSA cycle.

    At a roundtable discussion on product quality at the U.S. Government Accounting Office, Deming was asked how the QC circle (referring to PDCA) and the Deming circle related.

    “They bear no relation to each other,” Deming said. “The Deming circle is a quality control program. It is a plan for management. Four steps: Design it, make it, sell it, then test it in service. Repeat the four steps, over and over, redesign it, make it, etc. Maybe you could say that the Deming circle is for management, and the QC circle is for a group of people that work on faults encountered at the local level.”

    On Nov. 17, 1990, Deming wrote a letter to Ronald D. Moen to comment on the manuscript for Improv- ing Quality Through Planned Experimentation, coauthored by Moen, Thomas R. Nolan and Lloyd P. Provost. “Be sure to call it PDSA, not the corruption PDCA,” Deming wrote in the letter.

    In response to a letter he received in 1991, Deming commented about a chart labeled plan-do-check-act. “What you propose is not the Deming cycle,” he wrote in the letter. “I don’t know the source of the cycle that you propose. How the PDCA ever came into existence I know not.”